ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard

ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard

At, we take pride in offering ISO 13485 certified products. ISO 13485 is globally recognized as the most prestigious Medical Device Standard. It holds recognition from esteemed organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA, and the European Commission. In fact, ISO 13485 surpasses even the stringent standards set by the FDA.

ISO 13485 signifies a commitment to excellence and encompasses several key aspects:

  1. Quality Management Assurance: Our adherence to ISO 13485 ensures a robust quality management system that guarantees the highest standards of product quality.

  2. Increased Efficiency: By implementing ISO 13485, we optimize our processes, resulting in improved efficiency and streamlined operations.

  3. Supply Chain Performance: ISO 13485 sets guidelines for maintaining a high-performing supply chain, ensuring the availability and integrity of our products.

  4. Improved Manufacturing Processes: Our compliance with ISO 13485 drives continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes, leading to enhanced product reliability and safety.

  5. Meeting Customer Requirements: ISO 13485 ensures that our products consistently meet customer expectations and requirements, providing peace of mind to our valued customers.

  6. Legal Compliance: By adhering to ISO 13485, we stay up-to-date with all relevant regulatory requirements, ensuring full legal compliance.

ISO 13485 certification is granted based on the ability to demonstrate compliance to standards through comprehensive documentation, adherence to written processes, effective internal and external quality management practices, and meticulous material traceability record keeping. Additionally, ISO conducts annual surveillance visits to our manufacturing facilities to ensure ongoing adherence to the certification requirements.

At, we are committed to maintaining our ISO 13485 certification as a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, our manufacturing facilities adhere to GMP Practices.