iCare Herpes-2 Home Test Kit


– >80%  Specificity & >58% Sensitivity
– Reliable Results in less than 15 mins
– Tested in clinical trials
– Certifications: TÜV ISO 13485 (ISO’s International Medical Devices Standard) & GMP
– Easy to Use
– Total Privacy
This is an antibody test which tests for the presence of anti-HSV-2 IgG antibodies produced by the human body in response to the Herpes-2 virus.
The test is safe: the substances contained in the test device are non-infectious.


Product Description

Package Contents:
1 x Well cassette – Test device
1 x Lancet (fingerprick)
1 x Micro pipette (dropper)
1 x Diluent bottle
1 x Alcohol swab
For usage instructions, please go here.


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